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New to Collingwood and the Greater Toronto Area, we are very excited to bring StudioSteele home to Canada. After 24 years in one of the most competitive photography markets, I have honed my skills and photographic techniques working for many top Brands and Agencies in London, England. We are now located in Collingwood, Ontario and continue to offer the highest standards of service to our clients.

Based in a century house in the heart of Collingwood, our studio provides a relaxed and creative environment to produce the best imagery for our clients. Accessibly located outside the congestion of Toronto, and equipped with the latest digital photographic technology, we are able to offer the same creativity and high quality at a very competitive rate.


I developed my passion for photography at a young age growing up in Toronto as the family photographer. Later, after graduating from the Creative Photography Program at Humber College, I discovered my passion for Studio Photography, using light and shape to define an object. I refined my skills working for Commercial Photo Studios shooting Catalogue and Retail Photography.

Lighting has always been the key element in crafting an image. Colour, shape and texture define how the light caresses an object to reveal its innate identity. Using large format cameras and sheet film to capture the image was a skill in itself. Then suddenly the word “Digital” arrived and the buzz of Photoshop quickly followed.

I moved to London England and jumped straight into the Digital Photography scene and the steep learning curve that came with it: Apple Macs, Digital Camera backs, Photoshop, Colour Correction, Compositing of Images, Retouching and the really big one – converting to CMYK for print! Fast forward to the present, and Digital Imaging is the standard and allows us to create images we only dreamed about in the film era.

The coolest part of Digital Photography is that you know you’ve got the shot … a whole lot sooner!

But, it’s all about you

I am flexible, creative and of course 100% professional at all times,

Putting the needs of my clients at the heart of everything I do.

It’s never about doing what’s easy, but doing what’s right and delivering that on time and on budget!

John Steele



Creative Testing

Testing is an important part of a photographer’s creative development. It offers an opportunity to explore new ways of looking at something, or lighting it in a different way. It’s about finding out what works and what doesn’t.